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Children’s Workshop: Chocolate Unwrapped

Saturday 12/9

The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens

Un-wrap the history of chocolate in ancient and modern Latin America through the Huntingon’s special exhibition Visual Voyages with Maite. Learn all about the journey of this prized pod – from its origins as a drink for Mayan and Aztec nobility, to a drink for European aristocrats, to the simple chocolate bar. Then head to the kitchen to bake up a storm. Ages 7-12 and one accompanying adult. (members $55, non-members $65 includes admission, a private tour of Visual Voyages exhibit, a book of recipes and a special prize.


image: Theobroma Cacao (the source of chocolate), from Flora de Filipinas by F.M. Blanco, published in Manila ca 1880, from the Digital Library of the Real Jardin Botanico, CSIC


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