Private Parties

Private Parties

The most popular and intimate way to experience ArtBites is through a private party. There are endless ways we can tailor an experience that is special and unique for you and your colleagues, friends or families.

How it Works

Choose from our list of great classes or customize one for you and your friends. We are happy to hear your ideas and create a unique class just for you. Contact us to make arrangements.

Here’s a sample of our popular offerings:

Classes for Adults

The Parisian Salon
Discover the history of French cuisine and dining habits while tracing the history of art from the Baroque French Court through the Revolution and Neoclassicism to Impressionism. Prepare a seasonal meal inspired by history.

The Trail of Alexander the Great
Weave art and culinary history while tracing the trail of Alexander the Great. Then, bring the gallery tour to life by preparing a contemporary meal inspired by ancient diaries combining Greek, Persian, Indian and Egyptian foods.

The Grand Tour
Explore ancient Rome, Renaissance Italy, France and Holland through art and food. Learn how English aristocrats of the 17th and 18th centuries spent months immersing themselves in the continent’s treasures. Hear how they returned home with art collections and with a new appreciation of cuisine. Prepare a feast suitable for an aristocrat.

Gourmet Mexico
Discover how the conquest of the Americas changed the culture and shaped Mexican art and cuisine while viewing Aztec, Mayan, colonial and modern art and prepare a meal that reflects the cuisine’s evolution.

Classes for Families

Where the Wild Things Are
Read Maurice Sendak’s classic story, prepare a terrible, terrible meal and make monstrous collages.

Mayan Myths, Tortillas and Hot Chocolate
Listen to myths related to chocolate and corn, sculpt your very own clay vessel and prepare tortillas and hot chocolate from scratch.

Japanese Landscapes and Tea
Paint meditative landscapes, make sushi and green tea cookies, and participate in your very own tea ceremony.

Let’s Just Cook! Around the World in 2 Hours!
Pick your favorite food and let’s prepare a feast!

The possibilities are endless.

Art Bites the Classroom

If you’re a classroom teacher and want to bring a lesson to life, contact us to schedule something interesting, educational and deliciously fun.


Pricing is dependent on the location and content of the class.