Tater Tots Take Japan Summer Camp

Monday 6/12 through Friday 6/16 from 10:00am to 12:30pm

ArtBites Pop-up

Come on a cultural adventure as we explore Japan through the transporting lens of cooking and creating. Each day kids will cook, explore a different project or experience inspired by Japanese traditions, and feast together. All classes are co-taught by Maite of ArtBites and educator extraordinaire, Eidelriz Senga.

Each lesson will incorporate a book or movement activities as well as unusual art materials and ingredients. Here’s a glimpse of the week:

Japan has a long tradition of printmaking so two days will focus on the printing traditions of woodblock and gyotaku. Gyotaku is the art of printing from fish. After looking at prints by Hokusai and other famous printers, kids will create their own prints using modern materials, including fish! And make sushi, of course.

Marbling paper, or suminagashi, has its roots in 12th century Japan (and pairs nicely with floating soba noodles). Kids will explore this tradition by creating from floating inks and experimenting with different textured papers and colored inks.

After looking at different forms of painting from scrolls to folding screens, kids will try their hand at the art of sumi ink brush painting using a variety of brushes on traditional rice paper. After a morning painting, making a batch of fresh matcha cookies is always in order.

Get ready to paint, sculpt, cook, and eat your way through Japan!

The week includes 4 cooking and art making sessions and one visit to LACMA’s Japanese Pavilion. The museum session meets at 11:00am and ends at approximately 12:30pm.

Ages 3 to 5. Registration is required as space is limited to 6 children and one accompanying adult per child. No drop off.

The kitchen is located in LA’s Miracle Mile area.

$450/week includes all art supplies, ingredients, recipes and an ArtBites embroidered apron.

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about Eidelriz Senga:
Eidelriz has a BA in Art History from the University of Southern California. After beginning her career in performing arts management at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion and John Anson Ford Theater in Los Angeles, she turned her focus to museum education. Since 2005, she has taught and developed interpretive programming at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, the Getty Villa, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and the Huntington Library. She has also provided on-camera educational content for the TV and film industry, including WB’s Supernatural, WB’s Wonder Woman, and PBS’s Travelscope. When not performing her most important role as the mother of a three and five year old, she is an art teacher at Sunnyside House School in Sierra Madre.

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