The Art of Chocolate

Saturday 2/25 at 9:00am


Bring your sweetie for a Saturday morning spent learning about one of the world’s favorite foods. Maite and LACMA’s Mary Lenihan in exploring the history of chocolate, the food of the gods, from its production and consumption in pre-Columbian Mexico and the role it played in Mayan and Aztec civilizations, how it evolved once it reached the European aristocracy via Spain, to the modern chocolate bar.

We will look at pre-Columbian objects as well as European silver services before indulging in a multi-course service of pastries and other treats including, of course, chocolate, at Ray’s & Stark Bar.  ($50 members; $55 non-members)

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image: Lidded Tripod Cylinder Vessel with Head of Cacao Deity, Guatemala, Maya, early 5th century,  slip-painted ceramic with post-fire stucco and pigment, LACMA

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