leek and feta fritters

Leek and Feta Fritters

Related to garlic and onion, leeks are native to the Near East and have been prized by gourmets for thousands of years. The Roman Emperor Nero believed leeks would improve his singing voice and is said to have eaten large quantities to that end.

Prized for its soothing properties and refreshing fragrance, the ancient Greeks and Romans used mint to scent their bath water, stuff their cushions, and wore mint as banquet wreaths. The ancient Roman physician Hippocrates believed that frequent eating of mint diluted sperm, hindered erection and tired the body. It is reported that Aristotle advised his student Alexander the Great to forbid his soldiers to consume mint during their campaigns because he believed it would lessen their aggressiveness.

2 tablespoons of olive oil, plus avocado or grapeseed  oil for frying
2 pounds leeks, chopped, white and light green parts only
5 eggs
1/2 cup flour
salt and pepper
6 sprigs of mint, stemmed and chopped
6 springs of dill, stemmed and chopped
one pound feta cheese, mashed with a fork

Sauté the leeks in about 2 tablespoons of olive oil over medium heat until very soft.

In a bowl, beat the eggs with the flour until well blended. Add a pinch of salt and some pepper. Add the chopped herbs and mix well. Fold the mashed cheese and leeks into the egg and flour mixture.

Film the bottom of a nonstick pan with avocado or grapeseed oil and pour in about 2 tablespoon of the mixture to make a few fritters at a time. Turn each over once and cook until both sides are golden brown. Drain on paper towels and serve hot or at room temperature.

Serves 6

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